Step-Up Day at St. John Neumann Regional Academy

By Francesca Daniele

and Molly Foresman

Sixth Grade

On April 10, the 5th and 6th grade classes of St. John Neumann Regional Academy visited our high school campus for Step-Up Day.

Step-Up Day is an annual event in which 5th and 6th grade students spend the morning at our high school campus to acquaint themselves with the building, the teachers, the classrooms and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Members of the high school Student Council took groups of 5th and 6th graders to various classrooms to show us around.

Our 6th grade class went to Kim Kist’s science class and Christy Litchfield’s English class.

The 5th grade classes visited the classrooms of Wendy Trenholm, math teacher and Denise Southard, history teacher.

We really enjoyed Mrs. Kist’s science class. We learned about acids and bases, and we saw what colors they turned when mixed with water, ice and Milk of Magnesia.

The base was blue, but when we put a drop of acid in it, it turned red. But after about three seconds, the water inside the container spun in various colors and then turned purple! It was very interesting to watch.

Also, we took pH tests, as people often do with their swimming pool water.

After the classroom visits, our Student Council leaders took us on a tour of the high school building. We then went to the gymnasium to talk with the principal and the Student Council members about any questions we had. The principal also spoke to us about course selections and other educational opportunities at the high school campus.

We enjoyed meeting the teachers and viewing all the facilities. We are excited to be students at our high school next year!