Life in a college town: A demanding credit load

Juggling 18 credits to some people can be very hard to a college student.

In my family, attending college is not a choice; it is a necessity to succeed. I’ve been taking 18 credits for two semesters now and it’s the best decision I could have made because now I possibly can be eligible to graduate a semester early.

That means one less semester of loans and less time I will be in school so I can find a job in the real world and starting my career.

Sure, that may seem amazing and all but it is very difficult. 18 credits are six classes. To be a full time student a student may take between 12-18 credits. The normal for a student to take is 15.

The workload is very overwhelming. 18 credits to some students is a big step but once you know the benefits of taking them you do not see the negatives so much.

Students attend school for a reason, to get an education. So why not use the time wisely and take as many as you can at once.

I like being constantly busy, therefore I have my room to slack causing me always to stay on track.

It definitely is a change from high school.

There are not any reminders when to do something and there most certainly are no second chances if a student forgets to hand in something.

I think that this probably is for the best. This prepares and molds you to be a successful student and than for the future, a successful working individual. College is something that many students take for granted.

Not only is it very expensive now a day’s to get an education that will put you on the right track of being successful, it truly is very stressful.

Many do not know how to manage their time wisely. That is one of the biggest things I’ve learned so for attending Mansfield University.

Although college may seem scary to some it is a great experience and practice to live on your own without your parents there helping you.