Life in a college town: The end of the road


Sun-Gazette Correspondent

The Spring semester has ended at Mansfield University, and students look back on how things have changed.

There is so much to process at this time of year – experience gained from class work, the people that you meet and the friends that you have made along the way.

Freshmen have become full fledged college vets. Sophomores are halfway done, eager to get one step closer to realizing the dream of being a college graduate.

Juniors must prepare for their upcoming senior year, building resumes and possibly looking at graduate schools to attend once they have received their bachelor’s degree from Mansfield.

For the seniors however, it is time to leave Mansfield University behind and venture out into a new world.

As a new graduate, senior Emily Husick has many memories of Mansfield University, and all have been a part of her journey from an excited freshman to a senior ready to take on the tasks before her.

“When I first got here I loved it,” said Husick. “I wasn’t too sure about all the hills, but I thought it was really pretty and I was super excited to meet new people. Mansfield University is small, but it’s a great size for you really to be able to connect with other students and get the help you need from your professors.”

A departure from Mansfield does bring some sadness for Husick.

Its a departure from familiar places and people that she knows. The thing she will miss the most?

“All of my friends. I know there is a huge chance I will never see some of these people ever again,” she said.

As with most students, Husick does have some reserve for her time at Mansfield University.

“All the homework will definitely not be missed. Everything is pretty much due at the same. I will also not miss the petty drama from people that I do not even know or care to know.”

What does the future look like for students searching for employment with a slow growing economy and debt to pay back?

Husick remains optimistic about her chances for employment after leaving Mansfield University.

As a social work major, she sees a bright future, sighting the high demand for those in her sector of work. If those prospects do not pan out however, continuing education is not out of the question for Husick, adding that “a master’s degree would be a huge help if I want a good job.”

In parting Husick offers three simple keys to the success of any college student – current or future – at Mansfield University.

“Pay attention, take the courses you need when you are advised to so you can graduate on time, and don’t skip classes because it is usually part of your overall grade.”

And Husick has displayed penchant for success in her career as a student and has moved on from her life at Mansfield University.