Local schools wrap up Stock Market Game Challenge

For the last 10 weeks, local schools have competed in a special Stock Market Game Challenge, sponsored by the Williamsport Sun-Gazette and Jersey Shore State Bank.

The Stock Market Game is an award-winning educational program from EconomicsPennsylvania. The Sun-Gazette published the top four teams from local high schools in their education section each week.

Participating school districts were: East Lycoming, Loyalsock Township, Montoursville, Montgomery, Muncy, Williamsport, South Williamsport and St. John Neumann Regional Academy.

In the Stock Market Game, students are given a virtual cash account of $100,000, and are encouraged to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. Students work together in teams, practicing leadership, organization, negotiation and cooperation as they compete for the top spot.

In building a portfolio, students research and evaluate stocks, and make investment decisions based on what they’ve learned. Teams trade common stocks and mutual funds from the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges; earn interest on cash balances, pay interest if buying on margin, and pay a commission on all trades.

To determine why certain stocks perform the way they do or why the broader market has moved up or down, they need to understand how the economy works, and to calculate their returns they need to do the math. Since 1977, more than 14 million students have participated in The Stock Market Game program.

In first place was a team from Montgomery Area High School, under the leadership of teacher, Mike Snyder.

“On behalf of my students and myself, I would like to thank Economics PA and the Sun-Gazette for their hard work and efforts in putting together this wonderful simulation,” Snyder said. “I would also like to thank our sponsor Jersey Shore State Bank for giving the students of Montgomery High School the opportunity to learn about the stock market and improve their financial literacy. The competition teaches students a wide array of skills that they will undoubtedly use throughout their lifetime.”

His team of students, Dakota Ellis, Jake Buck and Zach Mausser made more than $35,000 in ten weeks.

In second place was Karrie Snyder, Abby DeVore, James Phillips, Tiara Templin and Becky Smith from Muncy High School, under the leadership of Beth Baker. In third place was the team of Tanner Rolley, Matt Krezmer, Hayden Dewald, Nick Ripley, Trevor Dodge and Dominick Phillips from Montoursville Area High school, under the leadership of Linda Keiser.

“The stock market game gives students a chance to have fun and get involved while learning about investing and the stock market,” Keiser said. “The competitive component gives students the motivation to check their stocks often and to continue doing research after the novelty of the game begins to diminish.”

The students participating have been invited to a special recognition event at Pennsylvania College of Technology on May 15.

EconomicsPennsylvania is a not-for-profit organization specializing in K-12 economic and financial literacy programs across the state. Their overall mission is to promote and encourage understanding of economic and financial concepts through education.

Other EconomicsPennsylvania programs include The Stock Market Game, Youth Entrepreneurship Day and The High School Business Plan Competition.

Through a network of Centers for Economic Education, college and university economics professors and Field Consultants work directly with school districts and individual teachers to meet economic standards by training teachers in the use of materials and techniques focused on economic content. EconomicsPennsylvania has been working with Pennsylvania teachers for more than 30 years to incorporate a variety of economic programs that help develop financial, entrepreneurial and economic student skills.

For more information, visit www.EconomicsPA.org or call Carolyn Shirk at 975-5149.

Local results for the week of May 6:

1. MONTGOMERY – $135,097.82

Mike Snyder

2. MUNCY – $121,541.13

Beth Baker

3. MONTOURSVILLE – $108,134.29

Lind Keiser

4. WILLIAMSPORT – $103,484.42

Linda Meyer