Local teens develop leadership strategies

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This year, outstanding students from across the nation will take part in a leadership development program being held in 30 cities across the country.

Themed “Courageous Leadership,” the National young Leaders State Conference (NYLSC) helps young scholars take an introspective and highly-personalized assessment of their leadership skills and abilities.

Malik Wertman, 14, of Muncy has been selected to attend the NYLSC in Harrisburg from July 11 through July 14.

Throughout the four-day program, students will build a working “toolkit” of strategies to help them successfully dream, create and implement plans that will change how they view their role as leaders in their communities.

The NYLSC curriculum focuses on an introspective and highly-personalized assessment of each student’s leadership skills and abilities.

Attendees will be challenged to step forward in a manner that is decisive and confident, to grasp the concepts of leadership that will be taught and to act upon their dreams of making a difference in the world while maintaining the courage of their convictions.

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