Pre K Counts program at Jersey Shore

In one corner, two children quietly share a book. Over in the Art Center, children are creating models of the earth with tissue paper and paper plates.

A young girl examines a container of seeds with a magnifying glass and children are labeling their drawings of flowers in the Writing Center.

These are things students will participate in during a typical day in the Jersey Shore Area School District’s Pre K Counts program.

The program is housed in All Things Bright and Beautiful Day Care in Avis and MOM’s Inc. in McElhattan.

Teachers Beth Gill and Lutricia Sampsell say that the program is designed to prepare young learners for Kindergarten.

“Children in the program are excited about learning and we are giving them a solid foundation for the skills, both social and academic, they will need to know in Kindergarten,” said Gill.

Sampsell added, “Not only do we provide the necessary skills needed for kindergarten, but we instill good values in the children and set them up to be life-long learners.”

“I can do things now that I couldn’t do before!” one student said. “I can read words and I love to play with my friends.”

The classrooms at each site are filled with children’s artwork, writing and materials for exploration.

“I like the Science Center,” said another student. “I like to look at shells and put them in patterns.”

The classes run for a full day, and the program provides bus transportation for students in Pre K Counts.

Parents of the Pre K Counts program are pleased with what their children are learning.

One mom shared that her child was very shy and reserved before entering the program.

“Being in such a dynamic learning environment has helped my child come out of her shell. She is excited to come home every day and share what she has learned from her teachers and she has made many new friends. We couldn’t be more happy with the program!”

The Pre K Counts program is a grant funded program that is free to families whose income is at or below 300 percent of the poverty level. By including all early learning programs, PA Pre K Counts is building a quality early education system so our children have the best educational experience possible from the early years through graduation.

Enrollment forms for the Jersey Shore PA Pre K Counts program are available online at or at the Jersey Shore Administration Building.

Applications are being accepted now.