Student Spotlight — Robert Bartley

Robert Bartley has participated in the CTE program since his freshman year of high school.

Starting out in a beginner small engine class, Bartley is now a senior enrolled in the level three automotive class. He also is taking a level one welding course this year.

In the automotive classes, students have the unique opportunity to work on real life scenarios, such as repairing teachers’ cars or working on their own vehicles.

Claiming to always have been more of a hands on type of person, Bartley fondly remembers working in the garage with his father over the summers.

He feels that it is what inspired him to take the automotive classes when he moved up to the high school.

Bartley has taken multiple Automotive Service Excellence tests and achieved certification in three different ASE areas, including electric and electronics, steering and suspension and brakes.

He also is currently in the process of Nocti testing. This test certifies Williamsport Area High School students in specific areas and includes a hands on exam as well as a 200 question written test.

Bartley is currently taking this test for automotive, and also will have the opportunity to acquire his Inspection License.

This certification includes a test that is administered by his automotive teacher, Mr. Dixon.

When asked how the Williamsport Area High School has prepared him for work after graduation, Bartley said, “It makes you more responsible and it teaches you how to deal with different kinds of people.”

The senior explained how working on the cars almost always means working with other people. So the courses not only improved his “knowledge of automotives”, but also his skills in “interacting with all kinds of people.”

Eventually, Bartley plans to attend Pennsylvania College of Technology to obtain a degree in welding.

However, in the meantime, he plans to continue working at his current job at Silt Sock Erosion Control Products following graduating from high school.