Students accompany modular to its new home

The Williamsport Area High School has many different programs to offer students, one of their specialties are classes with hands-on experience.

The construction classes at the high school are a great example of one of these programs.

For the past two years students have been working on building and completely finishing a modular home to sell. The 2-bedroom one bath home measures 13×53 feet.

Under the supervision of their instructors Randy Williamson and Craig Mutchler, students installed plumbing, laid tile, painted walls, installed cabinets, windows and molding and did all of the electrical work in the house.

The home was successfully inspected by the city inspector and a third party electrical inspector. This gave the students experience with following the building codes process.

The building was purchased by a private buyer and the proceeds will go into the school’s general fund.

Recently, the students helped to prepare the building for transportation and were present when it was moved by Williamsport Crane and Rigging on April 28.

Students then travelled to the site of the home with their teachers to help put it on the foundation and finish the electrical and plumbing.

Mr. Mutchler, one of the teachers in charge of the project, said, “For students, it’s an excellent project,” and that they will probably “build another one some point in the future.”

Apart from the modular home, students work on building sheds and other small buildings that are auctioned in a sealed bid.

The construction program that the high school provides to its students is a great learning environment that prepares students to be successful either in a college construction program or in the workforce.