WAHS?participates in Model United Nations convention

Between 150 and 200 students competed recently at the Model United Nations Convention at Lock Haven University. Williamsport Area High School sent 33 students.

The Model U.N. plenary session accepted five Williamsport resolutions out of the 10 total and three were passed by the General Assembly, which were written by: Hannah Weber, Sophia Sprunger and Olivia Angevine.

Best Parliamentarian of the entire convention went to Alannah Harding.

Williamsport received 23 commendations for superior delegate:

Olivia Angevine, Eric Ask, Genna Beatty, Kaley Brinkerhoff, Maddy Confair, Caroline Coppersmith, Diana Corona, Sabrina Emms, Tanner Ettinger, Alex Frank, Alanna Harding, Kashiki Harrison, Brian LeBlanc, Daniel Ma, Devin Marty, Tom Osborn, Ethan Puller, Susan Reiff, Elizabeth Rider, Kelsey Robbins, Megan Sluhocki, Aleesha Smith and Hanna Weber.

Also recognized were nine superior delegations:

Bosnia-Herzegovina – Eric Ask, Devin Marty and Max Moore.

Iran – Tanner Ettinger, Megan Sluhocki and Daniel Ma.

Albania – Kelsey Robbins, Alex Frank, Kashiki Harrison and Susan Reiff.

Azerbaijan – Kaylee Brinkerhoff, Garrett Dewald and Devin Campbell.

Slovak Republic – Sophia Sprunger and Genna Beatty.

Slovenia – Olivia Angevine, Elizabeth Rider and Sarah Wirth.

Kazhastan – Divia Feinstein, Maddy Confair and Isaac Milliken.

UK – Sabrina Emms, Alanna Harding and Stacy Loveland.

Macedonia – Tom Osborn, Diana Corona and Caroline Coppersmith.

“Students begin preparing for Model U.N. in the first week of January,” said WAHS social studies teacher and advisor Marilouise Mazzante. “Preparation involves researching and writing resolutions, learning the parliamentary debate rules of procedure, and learning the art of debating. Students have worked extremely hard and it is reflected in their accommodations.

“My veterans aided the new members in the art of how the U.N./convention operates and it was nice to see all grade levels, new and veteran, interact in this forum,” Mazzante said. “I believe their performance at the plenary session (General Assembly) was one of the best performances I’ve seen from this club. I’m very proud of our students as, once again, they show Williamsport performs at the top and that makes us all Millionaire Proud!”