Jersey Shore Area Middle School announces ROCK Star Award winners

Jersey Shore Area Middle School is proud to announce the recipients of our monthly ROCK Star award for April. As part of JSASD’s School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB) initiative, JSAMS has identified, and taught, specific behavioral expectations for students while in all areas of our building. These targeted behaviors all fit within the slogan, “Jersey Shore Area Middle School ROCKs.” ROCK stands for Respect Yourself, Organize and Plan for Success, Care for People and Property and Keep on Learning.

Each month, teachers are asked to identify one student who has displayed our Universal Expected Behaviors, or UEBs, during the previous month. Each teacher completes a ROCK Star award certificate explaining exactly WHY they feel the student they nominated is a JSAMS ROCK Star. Award winners are announced during the daily building-wide announcements and they receive a letter of invitation to attend a special ROCK Star breakfast served by Laura Milarch, principal and Keith Veldhuis, middle school assistant principal.

April’s ROCK Star award winners were invited to a breakfast held in the school library on May 16. The food was prepared by Colleen Hawk and the JSAMS cafeteria staff. Haley Enders and her Life Skills students prepared for the breakfast by setting the tables as well as making table centerpieces and other decorations. Award winners were presented ROCK Star certificates.

The sponsor for this month’s breakfast was Buttorff’s Hardware. The school thanks Keith Buttorff and everyone at Buttorff’s Hardware for their continued support of the school’s award breakfast program.

This month’s award winners are:

Grade 6 – Donovan Adams, Desiree Dorsey, Eli Fishel, Katie Kiess , Reba Lorson, Haley Ludwig, Allie Maneval, Joey Marsh, Dallas Peter, Miranda Phillips, Madison Snook, Morgan Thomas and Noah Whitesell.

Grade 7 – Luke Bischof, Cody Brungard, Isaac Davis, Mikayla Herbst, Patrick Hufnagle, Heather Mayes, Aria Meixel, Dylan Mundrick, Daniel Neumann, Theron Sorgen, Cody Stetts, Audrey Wacker and Dominic Williams.

Grade 8 – Kaiden Bair, Joey Barber, Jacob Biblehimer, Braden Bobeck, Chase Braim, Olivia Bressler, Rachael Doughty, Brianna Heller, Ashley Ingraham, Katrina Kehoe, Connor Shade, Noah Smith and Zach Young.