Jersey Shore Area High School announces co-salutatorians

The Jersey Shore Area High School is proud to announce Alexander Eckard as co-salutatorian for the class of 2013. Following graduation on June 9, additional checks and calculations were done on final grades when it was discovered that in fact Eckard and Victoria Barrows are in a virtual tie for salutatorian honors for the Jersey Shore class of 2013.

Now that Eckard is recognized as co-salutatorian, he will be receiving all the honors bestowed upon the salutatorian. He will receive $500 to put towards his college education, the salutatorian medal and the insignia on his diploma recognizing him as a salutatorian.

The administration of the Jersey Shore Area High School wants to publicly congratulate both Eckard and Barrows on their outstanding academic achievements over the course of their four years in the high school. They were second only to Megan Brookens who holds the top spot of valedictorian.

The difference between the top four members of the class of 2013 was only .57 percent. Additionally, the administration would like to apologize to both Eckard and his family for discovering the oversight after the actual graduation ceremony.

Finally, the administration wants to wish, Brookens, Eckard, Barrows and the rest of the Jersey Shore Area High School class of 2013 the best life has to offer. It is a privilege to call you alumni of the Jersey Shore Area School District.