Life in a college town: Greek week at Mansfield University

During the week of April 21, fraternities and sororities at Mansfield University came together to compete against one another in the annual Greek Week competition.

Organizations compete against each other in anything from sporting events such as soccer, football and frisbee to creative events such as Greek Week Banner, Lip Synch and a Beauty and the Beast pageant. No matter what Greek organization a student is in, a sense of unity is felt by all the Greeks.

The games during the week do get quite competitive, which result in a sense of loyalty and unity to each individual organization.

The fraternities on campus include Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Beta Sigma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

The Sororities on campus include Alpha Sigma Alpha, Zeta Tau Alpha, Alpha Sigma Tau and Delta Zeta.

Each organization plays for points in each event, the first place winner resulting in four points, second place resulting in three and so forth.

Not only does Greek Week bring a sense of unity to the Greeks, but also brings much respect between the organizations.

Respect and sportsmanship were well displayed throughout the week.

After each event, teams would shake hands and congratulate the other on their win, displaying acts of sportsmanship.

Throughout Greek Week, student life is heavily affected. With balancing school work, brotherhood and the events, Greek members learn responsibility.

Events take a lot of time out of the week, involving preparation and practice for certain events.

This means time is being taken away from academics and study time.

Members of Greek organizations learn to balance their academics with their extra-curricular activities.

Greek organizations were very close this year in the standings. Alpha Kappa Lambda and Phi Sigma Kappa were neck and neck throughout the whole week, going back and forth in the lead.

Sigma Tau Gamma and Sigma Alpha Epsilon held the third and fourth positions, occasionally switching spots in the standings.

By the end of the week, Phi Sigma Kappa came out on top, winning the Greek Week competition.

For the sororities, it was Alpha Sigma Alpha who came out on top for their fourth straight year in a row.

It is a wonderful time of year when Greek week comes around.

It is a great sight when Greek organizations come together and compete with each other while having a good time.