Pitt’s perspective

For those of you who may be wondering how am I writing for the Sun-Gazette, well, it’s a long story.

One night I was looking through the classifieds and I saw that the Sun-Gazette needed an independent writer. Currently I was lobbying for a cell phone, so my mom said go for it. At first I was hesitant about applying because I had no clue how to write a resume or a cover letter. But then, after many days of my mom trying to persuade me to apply, I finally did it. My mom graciously showed me how to write a cover letter and a resume. I kept on changing the resume because I didn’t think it was perfect enough. Besides, how many eleven year olds have a resume? Finally, I printed my cover letter and resume out. My mom and I took it to the post office and mailed it. After many weeks of waiting and waiting I gave up hope that they didn’t accept my resume. Then, one day I received a response to my resume and apparently it found it’s way to the desk of the education editor at the Sun-Gazette. Thrilled that they accepted my resume that very same day I broke my wrist in a sports injury (more on that later). I am very glad that I applied for this position because who knows what it will lead to. Well, until next time!

Pittinger is a sixth-grade student at C.E. McCall Middle School. Her column will print every week in the education section.

Pitt’s perspective


Special to the Sun-Gazette

I am in sixth grade at C.E. McCall Middle School in Montoursville. Currently I am participating in soccer, gymnastics, and choir. I love to sing in choir. When I sing I get a feeling that I can’t describe. That is why I joined choir because I just get to be me. Currently, I am on my fourth year of soccer with Fc Montour. My best and most favorite position is playing forward. I like that position because I get to help my team out and possibly score some goals. I also love soccer because it starts in the fall. Fall is my favorite season because I get to hang out with my friends at football games. Also, I love to drive with my family to see the leaves and I also love to jump in the leaves. I almost forgot about corn mazes. Who doesn’t like them? I will gladly accept the challenge of a good corn maze. Well, until next time!

Pittinger’s column will print every week in the education section.