The true life of a college graduate

A few months ago recent college graduates walked across a fancy podium, shook their college president’s hand and graduated into the real world. The thought of no more homework, papers, all nighters and no finals week brought a smile to these grads faces. However, now those grads are banging their heads against a wall and debating if it is possible to build a time machine, just to return to those stressful days of college.

In college, professors told students that they were giving them the experience they need to be successful in the real world. Most college grads will tell you that they believe that they learned what they needed to succeed, but unfortunately most employers don’t.

Resumes are sent out and cover letters are written perfectly, like these college grads were taught. Then they wait for someone to call them for an interview. While the grad is waiting for an interview they are overwhelmed with rejection emails, or sometimes they never hear anything at all.

Just when the college grad is losing hope, their phone rings and someone wants to interview them for a job. After dancing around the kitchen full of pure joy, the college grad starts to prepare for the interview. They study the possible questions, update their resume and spend what little money they have on the perfect interview outfit.

The day of the interview comes and the college grad drives to the interview. Sometimes the trip can take many hours on the road and a lot of gas money. They walk into the interview with their head held high and they leave feeling like they are going to get the job.

For up to three weeks the college grad has their phone glued to them in case the employer calls them telling them that they got the job. Their heart is racing, because with one phone call their life can change for the better. Then the call comes and the college grad hears, “We regret to inform you that you did not get the position, because you lack experience.”

Then the college grad picks themselves up off the floor after being blown away by the fact that people actually do say that in the real world and start the process all over again, usually ending in the same result multiple times.

While the college grad is job hunting, they usually have to move back in with mommy and daddy; this takes away all that independent freedom they got in college. Some college grads can’t move back home and struggle even harder to make ends meet living on their own. They are forced to take jobs in restaurants, retail stores or pretty much any job they can get, just so that they can have some type on income to pay off their bills and those dreaded college loans.

So, if you think about it, most college grads are back to where they were before they left for college. They are living at home and working a minimum wage job.

Now obviously this is not the case for all college grads out there, but for a majority it is. Many students don’t see the point in trying to find a job after receiving their undergraduate degree; instead they go straight to graduate school. These students are bound to make more money by receiving their master’s degree, but with the debt they will accumulate, is it really worth it? If employers would take a chance on a college grad they may be surprised what they find. Take a look at their resume, although they may not have a lot of real world experience, look at the experience they gained through campus groups and clubs. That experience there may make them the person that you want on your team. It just takes one employer having a little faith in a recent college grad to change their life for the better.

Wright, of Williamsport, graduated from Shippensburg University with a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism in May.