WAHS counseling department to launch inaugural parent series

In an effort to forge a stronger connection with families, Williamsport Area High School counselors are launching a parent series on a range of topics beginning at 6:30 p.m. on Sept. 24 at Williamsport Area Middle School.

This summer, high school counselors worked to develop an eight-session series with special speakers that will be carried out over the course of eight months to “discuss relevant topics that affect students in grades nine through 12,” according to counselor Phyllis Sieber.

“We want to work with families to help address issues and areas that affect our youth, and promote ways to help them be more successful,” Sieber said.

Scheduled topics include anything from social media, NCAA requirements for college athletes, resources for the struggling student, college financing, to exploring careers of the 21st century.

“These sessions will bring a different perspective for families,” Sieber said, while adding that the sessions will be a way to get parents and guardians together in large groups to deliver a consistent message.

“They’ll also hopefully expand our families’ perception and knowledge of what it is the high school counselors do for students, build partnerships with them, while providing them with resources and information,” she said.

Below is a complete listing of the times, dates, locations and topics of each session:

6:30 p.m. Tuesday at Williamsport Area Middle School (WAMS) – Adolescents and Their Dependence on Social Media.

7 p.m., Oct. 28, at Williamsport Area High School (WAHS) Auditorium – NCAA Requirements for College Athletes.

6 p.m., Nov. 26, at WAHS, Room C-Large – Financing a College Education.

7 p.m., Nov. 26, at WAHS, Room C-Large – Resources for the Struggling Student.

7 p.m., Jan. 14, at WAMS – Careers of the 21st Century.

6 p.m., March 19, at WAMS – Signs of Suicide and Other Mental Health Disorders.

6 p.m., March 26 , at WAMS – College Planning.

6:30 p.m., April 9, at WAMS – Current Drug Trends and Today’s Youth.

For more information on this series or a particular session, or have any questions, please call the high school’s counseling office at 570-323-8411.