Jackson Primary School announces Star Students

Jackson Primary School recently announced its Star Students. To be a Star Student at Jackson Primary School, students are nominated by their teacher. They show they practice the Magic Manner: Be Present, Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. These students have no office referrals, show effort and are good team players.

The Star Students for September include:

Kindergarten – Adisyn Zangara, Adelynn Hoover, Savannah Jenney, Ayda Dincher, Ciana Reed and Brady Ross.

Grade 1 – Sengdunstin Hpauda, Trevor Estes, Kaylee Smith, Sky Mazza Wright and Emily McAnelly.

Grade 2 – Devon Harris, Allara Waring, Maria Gates, Ella Cosentine and Jacob Mullis.

Grade 3 – Nevaeh Hale, Jakiha Kline, Allyson McCann, Ayrianna Hale and Kailey Gonsales.