Life in a college town: Death to procrastination

How does one survive being at a college university without procrastinating? Friends, parties, sports, social media, TV etc. all are the things that prevent students from achieving deadlines and or completing assignments. Ultimately these attractions make up our everyday life, are they avoidable?

The answer is yes and no. Avoiding these things completely to do school work all day creates stress, but engaging in all the attractions also creates stress because grades are likely to slip, so in order for one to succeed there must be a balance between work and play.

One way to be a balanced student and resist procrastination is to be organized. Organization consists of scheduling, planning, and committing to getting each assignment completed. It takes major dedication to stay organized because one must have the strength to say no to fun when a deadline is close; however, typically when one is fully organized assignments are completely ahead of time.

Another way to avoid procrastination is to mix fun with work. This involves engaging in study groups, having luncheons with friends while each of you completes his/her assignments, listening to music while doing school work, and only engaging in extra-curricular activities that have your complete interest such as clubs, sports, and employment.

Moreover, an obvious way to avoid procrastination is to make smart decisions. When any college student makes good decisions good things are going to happen.

Knowing that you have an assignment to do and choosing to put it off until later is not an example of a smart decision. As college students we must ask ourselves, “Why am I here?” This creates an understanding of why we need to make smart decisions throughout our college experience.

Finally, before any student comes to college he/she should set goals. Setting goals creates motivation to choose school work over going out with friends.