Marching Millionaires make remarkable gains at Carlise competition

While school started in late August for many students, members of the band spent the better part of August at school.

The students dedicated hours of their summer vacation to preparing this year’s show “Nocturne: Inspired by the Night,” and now in mid-October they are seeing their hard work pay off in their competitions.

“Our program has made a lot of progress since the season started,” trumpeter Aaron Patchin commented.

Most recently, the Marching Millionaires traveled to Carlisle, where the band took fourth place overall with a season best score of 87.70 in a very tight competition.

“We only missed second place by one point,” said sophomore baritone player Duta Hariandy.

The drum line scored highest overall with an impressive score of 18.6 points.

“That was the highest score we could possibly have earned, and it’s more than two points better than our previous score,” sophomore percussionist Margaret Rintelman explained.

“The percussion judge in Carlisle is the percussion caption head for the Tournament of Bands, and he scores really tough which makes our score even more exciting,” said sophomore percussionist Brittany Naculich.

The Marching Millionaires competition season began when they hosted the Susquehanna Preview at Williamsport Area High School on Sept. 7.

The band took first place overall in the competition. They also placed first overall with the highest score of 83.85 in the Milton competition. They improved their score by nearly two points the following weekend when they earned an 85.70 in Royersford.

While pleased with their achievements, their sights always are on the biggest competition of the year, the Atlantic Coast Championships.

“The scoring is so tight,” Patchin explained. “But I am sure we will do well when we perform for the final time at the ACCs.”

Naculich and Rintelman believe they have a very good shot at winning drums at the ACCs.

Last year, the band placed fifth overall at the Championships.

“This year we hope to finish in the top three,” said sophomore tuba player Dawson Ruch.

“We are very committed. Why put so much time into something if you are not going to be good at it?” said Hariandy, who predicted a district championship for the Marching Millionaires this year.