Behind the scenes Lyco students not afraid to work for passion

From scouting out locations to putting together shooting packets, two Lycoming College students had the opportunity to work with an Emmy Award-winning production team over the summer.

Christina Moliterno, a senior majoring in digital communications with a focus on visual media and digital filmmaking and minoring in commercial design, and Jehiel Boner, a senior marketing major with a minor in digital communications, worked with Los Angeles-based EC Productions to create commercials for Susquehanna Health.

“We just helped out with the entire production. Everyday it was different,” said Moliterno.

The production team visited Williamsport twice during the summer in order to shoot the commercials for the health system. The students were notified of the opportunity to work on the commercials by Leah Peterson, chairwoman of the communications department.

Boner explained that his job duties included preparing locations around the area for the shoot, and other jobs, such as setting up lighting.

He added that one of his tasks was to pick dandelions and throw them at the camera for a part of the commercial.

Moliterno worked more with the producer and director during the almost 10-day shoot, including putting together shooting packets, which included maps, contact information and story boards. She added that one of the highlights was having the opportunity to go along with the director to shoot footage for a documentary on veterans returning home from war.

Moliterno said she developed a passion for film when she was a child, as her family often had movie nights. She also noted that she always watched the extra features of DVDs and dreamt of what it would be like to work in that type of environment.

“We just had drawers, I mean pull out drawers, of DVDs,” Moliterno said.

Boner, who plans on attending graduate school and then move to an “entertainment hub” such as Los Angeles or Toronto to work in film, said that he’s always had an artistic side, which was brought out during his freshman year at Lycoming.

And now that he’s had a taste of the industry, he wants to continue developing his passion.

“It’s fun. It doesn’t feel like work. It’s something that I enjoy that I can hopefully get paid for,” he said.

But both students agreed, that it’s hard work to break into the industry and you need to be willing to put in the effort to be able to get where you want to be. Both said they’re willing to put the work in for their passion.

“It’s worth the sweat to get here,” Moliterno said, ” and you have to sweat.”

Boner said he learned that while many say “it’s who you know” in order to make it in the industry, effort also counts.

“It’s not all about who you know, but it’s how you perform,” he said.