Firefighters fight more than fires

Thanks to Smokey Bear and Sparky the Fire Dog, most children know that fire safety is important.

Both emphasize that we should prevent fires in the woods as well as in our homes. During the month of October the classrooms of Bradford Tioga Head Start make fire prevention and safety important.

During the week of October 14th, the children of the Troy Pre-K class were introduced to those community helpers that work to keep them safe and out of danger. They had visits from the firefighters and EMTAs that work in their communities.

They also were able to visit the firehouse and see both a fire truck and ambulance first hand.

The children were able see the equipment that the firefighters would wear during a fire. It is extremely important that the children can be familiar with and not afraid of the firefighters who one day may come to save their lives.

To support that, children were also encouraged to ask questions about the equipment the firefighters wear and the vehicles they use.

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