Head Start children gain hands-on experience through experiments

Young children entering a preschool classroom bring with them a sense of curiosity about the world around them. They have a strong desire to find out how the world works when they are given the opportunity to explore.

From this they create strong and long-lasting memories of what they have experienced and gain vocabulary skills. It is these memories that they rely on to gain more learning and more intellectual skills.

For many young children, science is about finding out about their everyday world. They are interested in doing this all day, every day.

In the Elkland PM class of Bradford Tioga Head Start, teacher Breanne Roe wanted to peak the children’s science curiosity by offering an experiment. “What would happen if one liquid was mixed with another?”

Prior to the experiment, the teacher asked the children what they thought would happen when they mixed oil and water. A list was made of all the things the children thought they might see happen. Then each child was given a bottle of water and a little bit of oil. Some even added food coloring.

“The children like science and mixing things together is always fun! It gives the children a chance to make predictions and observations with liquids they might not normally use,” said Roe.

This emphasis on hands-on science will lead to an increase in many areas. It will promote positive interactions with other children in their class, while providing a knowledge base essential to reading comprehension, language and literacy development. Bradford-Tioga Head Start is a program that offers state and federally funded programs for pregnant mothers, families and their children, newborn up to the age of 5.

This includes Early Head Start, Head Start, and Pre-K Counts services.

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