Library offers preschool science lab program

Walk by the Welch Family Wing of the James V. Brown Library and you might notice something unusual: bags of dirt taped to the windows. No, it’s not a prank; it’s just a Preschool Science Lab experiment.

Lori Tempesco in the Youth Services Department is leading the 13 children ages 3 1/2 to 5 in her program in an experiment to see if bean seeds will grow in a plastic zip-close baggie that has been taped to windows within the children’s wing at the library.

The children meet once a week for four weeks to create science-based projects.

“The kids can then plant the sprouts when they go home and place them in a sunny window,” Tempesco said. “It shows that you don’t always have to have a garden in the summer – you can plant seeds in the winter, too.”

This is the first time the Youth Services Department has offered the four-week-long Preschool Science Lab program.

It is just one way the library is opening new doors to lifelong learning and championing the love of reading with young children.