West Branch students train for 5K in spring

If your morning commute takes you through Newberry, you might catch a glimpse of West Branch School students out for a run. Once a week, teacher Erica Lomasson, along with parent volunteers, take the upstairs students running as part of their physical education.

Students started with the goal of running for a half mile and have gradually been increasing the distance in preparation for a 5K run in the spring.

In June, the West Branch students will participate in the Kiwanis Club of Williamsport’s annual 5K Run4Kids. This will be the school’s third year participating in the event.

Lomasson said the weekly run is a great way for the students to train for the race.

“Besides the excellent physical benefits, it also teaches self-discipline and team work,” She said. “The students get to run at their own pace and encourage each other. It is also a huge reward to be able to say they accomplished running a 5K. Most schools do not have the time to do these kinds of things. It is one of the reasons I love West Branch and why it is unique. It also is another way we continue to challenge our students, not just academically, but physically as well. As we always say, West Branch teaches to develop the whole child.”