The post grad life

After months of searching, a college grad is bound to find their first “grownup” job. The job may not be the job they dreamed of when they were five years old, but it is a job that gives them income to become independent. The usual result is the college grad dancing around the room with joy. Although they are excited about their first job, it is similar to the feeling they had on their first day of school many years ago.

When the college grad wakes up the morning of their first day of work they may have mixed emotions about the job. Part of them is excited to get there and start their new adult life. Who will they meet? What will they do? How will this change my life? All these never ending questions run through their mind.

The other part of them wants to run back upstairs and jump back into bed with the covers over their head. However, they face their fears and worries and venture out to the unknown. By starting the new “grownup” job, they are leaving behind the care free childish life they once had.

One of the concerns that college grads have is, will I get along with others and make friends with my co-workers? It almost is like when you started school and were scared that no one would like you. Being in a new environment brings back this fear, especially if you do not know anyone in your new workplace. Believe it or not those ice breakers, that college grads thought were stupid and pointless during college orientation, actually do come in handy.

By being able to ask a simple question, you are able to strike up a conversation and break the ice with your new co-workers, which could lead to a friendship or at the very least a conversation.

Another worry that college grads face when starting their new job is, will I be able to do this job? Starting a new job involves learning a lot of things that were not taught in a college classroom.

This may cause someone to have doubt if they will be capable of doing the job correctly. When someone starts a job, they go through about a week or two of training with a fellow co-worker. This allows the college grad to gradually learn all the information and techniques that the job requires, and how to do it correctly. If the college grads take a deep breath, take detailed notes and pays attention they will do just fine.

Then comes the school age question of, who will I sit with at lunch? Sounds like kid stuff, but very few college grads want to sit by themselves eating their packed lunch. Most of the time co-workers will invite the college grad to eat with them and socialize.

If the co-workers do not sit with the college grad, I would recommend just getting up from their desk and taking a walk or going out to eat somewhere.

By getting away from their desk during their lunch break, they are able to clear their mind and come back refreshed.

Starting a new job is nerve racking for everyone, but when the “grownup” working world is new to you it can be very scary.

The key to success is to have confidence in yourself, and walk in to take on new challenges. Just remember, they hired you because they believe that you are the right person for the job.