WASD Education Foundation Essay Contest winners announced

The Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation recently held its 2013 Holiday Essay Contest, in which students in first through sixth grade were asked to answer, in 200 words or less, “What are you most thankful for during the holiday season and why?”

From a pool of more than 130 submissions, the top 25 winners were selected and will receive a free ride on the Polar Express on Dec. 13, sponsored by the Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce.

The winners, along with the school they attend, are:

Kaylianna Coleman, Jackson

Iscah Rintelman, Curtin

Brittany Route, Curtin

Malachi White, Curtin

Zachariah Lake, Cochran

Lauren Sauers, Lycoming Valley

Nick McQuillen, Lycoming Valley

Adam Roush, Lycoming Valley

Damahje Lowry, Lycoming Valley

Paige Porter, Lycoming Valley

Jayda Beagle, Lycoming Valley

Kendall Kelley, Lycoming Valley

Jacqueline Snyder, Lycoming Valley

Miah Jones, Stevens

Elijah Nilson, Hepburn-Lycoming

Selena Nunez, Hepburn-Lycoming

Mia Miller, Hepburn-Lycoming

Audrey Donnell, Hepburn-Lycoming

Addison Bower, Hepburn-Lycoming

Madisyn Plocinski, Hepburn-Lycoming

Mia Clark, Hepburn-Lycoming

Deanna Geer, Hepburn-Lycoming

Chase Kelley, Hepburn-Lycoming

In addition to the train ride, two top essay winners were selected.

These two, Yelena Olson and Malachi Watson, both fourth-graders at Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School, will each receive a $25 gift card to the Cinema Center, sponsored by the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, and donated gift certificates to a show at the Community Arts Center.

As part of their award, the following are the top two essay winners for the contest:


Fourth grade

Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School

During the holiday season, and all the times during the year, I am thankful for my family and friends being strong for each other and helping each other out.

I am 9 years old and my family is homeless.

Right now we live at a place that gives us an apartment to live in for 18 months. My mom, me and my 15-year-old brother, with the help of my Nana watching us, my mom was able to get a job that she really likes. The hours she works don’t give her a lot of time with us, but we do our best when she is home.

I am thankful for the people that are letting us live in the apartment so we don’t have to live on the streets. I am thankful for a really good teacher and a principal who cares enough to make sure I had a good teacher. Most of all, I am thankful for each day that is given to me.


Fourth Grade

Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School

I am thankful for my loving family. I am thankful because they fill my heart with love and joy. They give me hope when I’m feeling hopeless. They make me feel special. They make me feel better when I’m hurt, and I really love them so.

I am thankful for my mother. I am thankful because she does what a million mothers couldn’t do combined. She makes us feel special with lots of love. She always thinks of us before herself. She knows every little detail of us by heart, and I really love my mother so.

I am thankful for my father. I am thankful because he tells me he loves me every day. He always does the dangerous work so we don’t have to. He always makes sure we have the best, and I love my father so.

I am thankful for my brothers and sisters, because they all make my life special with lots of love. Not only am I thankful around this time of year but I’m thankful all year round.