Hair cuts for hope

JERSEY SHORE – With each clip of the scissors, the Jersey Shore Area Middle School gave to those affected by cancer at a recent event.

Some were in the audience. Some they will never meet.

In all 10 students and two teachers sat in front of the entire school and showcased their willingness to donate their long locks to be made into wigs for cancer patients.

“I just wanted them to learn what giving really is,” explained Nikki Euote, middle school teacher who organized the event.

Euote was one of those who had her hair cut during the event – the third time she has done so for cancer patients. But instead of doing it by herself, she wondered if there were students that would be interested in doing so as well.

“I just made a broad announcement to the middle school that anyone willing to donate their hair could come to me on their own time at their own will,” Euote said.

She wasn’t expecting a large turnout, if any. But little by little, they came.

“I was surprised at five (students),” Euote said.

But then more came.

And after having discussions with their parents, 10 students committed to having their hair cut for the cause.

Euote said she couldn’t believe the response.

“I was completely overwhelmed and surprised at the same time, but it was a good thing,” she said.

With those on the middle school staff speaking about their bouts with cancer, an emotional assembly was only heightened as the students and teachers took their places on the gymnasium floors to have their hair cut.

Euote said all participants were “anxious” before the moment. And despite being nervous before hand, Euote said all were happy afterwards to have done it.

Euote hopes that the event will give students and staff pause on the true meaning of the holidays. And by having speakers talk about their experiences with cancer, she said it allows everyone to see that they all know someone that has been “touched by cancer.”

The school also raised more than $2,000 for the American Cancer Society leading up to the event.

And for those who donated – Brianna Walters, Bryana Tebbs, Emily Lehman, Kayliegh Bowes, TK Humphries, Keri Goodreau, Heidi Koch, Skye Hamm, Courtney Meil, Ashely Nichols, Betty Jo Eberhart and Euote – their deeds did not go unnoticed.

“The best part of it (was) when the students that donated walked in the hallway, other students of the school were giving them high fives and telling them how they did a great thing,” Euote said.