Lycoming partners with CAPA International Education to expand study abroad program

Lycoming College announces a partnership with CAPA International Education to expand its study abroad program and to give students more opportunities to learn overseas. Through this partnership, students now have the opportunity to study at CAPA academic centers based in London, England; Florence, Italy; Beijing and Shanghai, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dublin, Ireland; Istanbul, Turkey; and Sydney, Australia.

Lycoming first made a connection with CAPA when Dr. Barbara Buedel, director of international education, arranged to meet the president of the organization, John Christian, when she visited England in January 2013. She toured CAPA Global Cities London, which offers courses in most majors, including business, communications, economics, marketing, international relations and a newly developed theater track.

The center has an association with London South Bank University, through which students can take courses with local students, and most CAPA London students participate in an internship program, which gives them professional experience in their respective fields.

In February 2013, Buedel explored the CAPA Global Cities academic center in Florence, Italy, which is housed in a 15th century palazzo. The program offers a variety of courses in studio art and art history, literature, Italian film, creative writing and history, to name a few, as well as an advanced Italian language track with the University of Florence.

“Based on visiting the centers in London and Florence, attending classes and meeting with the academic directors, I was impressed by CAPA’s academic rigor, internships and support system for students,” Buedel said.

According to Nora Larkin, CAPA institutional relations manager, CAPA was interested in working with Lycoming because the college’s philosophy matched the organization’s mission: to encourage academic rigor, offer more opportunities for students to prepare for careers and to build a strong community.

“We were impressed with the commitment of President [Kent] Trachte and Professor Buedel to internationalize Lycoming and applaud their initiatives to invest in their students’ learning from a global perspective,” Larkin said. “We are truly excited by this new partnership!”