Pitt’s perspective

In the beginning of the year many people, myself included, make New Year resolutions. But eventually they just break them. The gyms make most of their money in January because many people want to get healthier. But by the end of February, the gym just gets it’s usual business.

With that being said, I have some tips (coming from a 11 year old) on how to keep your New Year resolutions. First off, you have to make a resolution that you can keep. You can tell if you can keep it by asking yourself is it reasonable.

For example, “I want to loose 100 pounds” may not be a reasonable resolution, but “I will lose weight in 5-pound increments” may be an easier resolution to keep.

Another tip on how to keep your resolution, is to never give up. People tend to give up if they think their resolution is too hard or if they don’t have enough encouragement from their friends or family.

So, if you know someone who is having trouble completing or sticking to their resolution, help them out by encouraging them.

Those are some tips on how to keep your resolution. Until next time!