Writer’s Nook – Student author of the week

West Branch School students recently were given an assignment to choose their favorite season of the year and write a paragraph explaining why they chose it as their favorite. Below are the results of the assignment.


Age 8

Winter is the best season. I love Christmas because I have Christmas dinner with my family. I have it at my house. The people at my family dinner are my mom, my dad, my gram, my pap, my cousin Kara and me. I love my birthday because I get presents. My birthday is Jan. 12. I love sitting by the fire with my family. I sit by the fire and listen to Christmas music sometimes. I love winter because of Christmas, my birthday and sitting by the fire.


Age 8

I love winter because we can make snowmen. Annika and I make snowmen. I love winter because we can drink hot chocolate. I like my hot chocolate with whipped cream. I love winter because we can have snowball fights. I would like to have snowball fights. I would like to have a snowball fights with Annika. I love winter because of snowmen, hot chocolate and snowball fight.


Age 6

Summer is the very best season. I love summer because it’s my birthday. I love summer because I can swim. I swim at the YMCA. I love summer because it is hot. I can play football. I love summer because it’s my birthday, we can swim and it is hot.


Age 7

Spring is the very best season. I love when the flowers bloom because they smell good and because I like to make flowers headbands. I love my birthday because I get fun and cool and pretty presents. I love when my sister and I have an Easter hunt. I love spring because of flowers, my birthday and Easter.


Age 8

Winter is the very best season. I love winter Solstice. We open presents. WBS is closed. We get off school. I love snowman, snow angels and snow mountains. Can you tell I love snow. I love winter because of winter solstice, school is closed and snow.


Age 6

Summer is the very best season because I go swimming at Loyalsock pool. It’s hot and I can play soccer. I get to go on walks with my dad and my brother. We walk around the block. I love summer because I go swimming, I play outside and I go on walks with my dad and my brother.

Writer’s Nook, Student Author of the week

The following are essays written by West Branch School students, who recently went on a field trip to Baltimore.

4D Baltimore movie


Age 11

On Nov. 8, 2013, the students of West Branch School traveled to Baltimore, Md. for a school trip.

On that trip, we experienced a 4D movie called “The Great Salmon Run.” It was about salmon and the number of animals that feed on them. It was a fascinating movie that was 3D, but you can interact with it. So the math is 3D + interactive = 4D.

This movie had lots of interactive things, such as when a salmon would make a splash; a spray of water actually goes in your face! Also, when the salmon were swimming around in the water, bubbles would be blown everywhere throughout the theater. There was an eagle, and when it was flying downward, there would be fans blowing wind throughout the theater. When the eagle caught a salmon with its talons, there would be a little piston in the back of your chair that would poke you in the back. It makes you feel like you were the fish being caught!

That’s my description of the 4D movie. I hope you see one yourself, it is really fun.

WBS opportunities


Age 10

Most schools do not have the chances to go on a lot of field trips. That’s the beauty of West Branch School. You have numerous opportunities. The chance to learn outside of the classroom enhances our educational stride. All the chances to explore stretches our imagination and knowledge. There is no way W.B.S. could be any better at grabbing the student’s attention and helping us want to learn even more.



Age 10

On Nov. 8, 2013, the kids and parents of West Branch School went to Baltimore, Md., and had a great time. This is what I did. Several of the activities we did were go to the Baltimore aquarium and science museum.

It was tons of fun the class thought. Another of the fun things we did was to see a 4D movie. 4D is where you can feel sensation when it happens on the screen.

We also saw a really nice dolphin program. Our teacher, Steve, got soaked when one of the dolphins splashed him. Our class thought that was funny.

One part of the aquarium was this big coral reef tank with sharks, fish, coral and sting rays. One of the awesome things that I saw was a big turtle that was missing a fin, but the muscles stilled worked. That is what my school did in Baltimore.

Inner Harbor


Age 10

In Baltimore there’s an area called Inner Harbor. Inner Harbor has a lot of fascinating places and things to learn about. People can explore the different examples of sailing ships, which sailed the seven seas. One of them is named the Constellation.

Now, as we travel further along the harbor, you can visit a refurbished factory that has become a well-known book store called Barnes and Noble. Right next to the bookstore is the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s a great place to hang out and listen to music.

On opposite sides of Inner Harbor are the National Aquarium and the Maryland Science Center. These two places are perfect for people who love the study of science and people who love marine biology.

Hopefully you get to experience Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

West Branch field trips


Age 9

West Branch School is one of a kind. Students at West Branch journey on field trips aplenty. Often when WBS journeys on field trips, all students and families participate. There are, however, many trips geared for the older children and their relatives. Annually, WBS goes on a city trip and to Camp Susque.

When the older students travel on the city trip, we usually have to arrive at the school around 6 a.m. Then we say name numbers. Name numbers are when everyone has a number that they have to say. The teacher says, “Name numbers, ready, go!” Then we say our name numbers to make sure everyone is present. It is a good way to take attendance. Then we get our belongings and proceed to the bus.

There is a bathroom on the bus, but we have a bathroom break about halfway to our destination. When we arrive, we explore and experience the city in small groups of students, parents and alums. Then we return to the bus. We travel and head to a rendezvous with dinner. We eat dinner and then arrive back at WBS at approximately 10 p.m.

Camp Susque is a camp that has a playground, a dining hall and several lodges. At Camp Susque, not only do we learn, but we also play games, take hikes and make a bonfire that we sing and tell stories around. These field trips are what makes West Branch School so awesome!

My visit to Charm City


Age 7

This was my first experience in one of the upstairs’ city trips. I went on a bus and it took hours to get to Baltimore, also known as “Charm City.” When I got there, I went to the science center. I learned about things such as speed, electricity and two other things that were great: I got to be a scientist and I saw a dinosaur skeleton! A little while later, I built a Mars rover to play with. That was fun.

Then we had lunch. After that, we walked around the Inner Harbor to the aquarium. We went inside, walked up an escalator and stood behind the deadly skeleton jaws of a prehistoric Megalodon. I went straight to the dolphin exhibit after that to watch dolphins underwater.

I also got to see sharks and a big fat sea turtle at the Atlantic Coral Reef and the Blacktip Reef exhibits. Then we met up to see the 4D immersion film entitled, “The Great Salmon Run.”

I was excited to see the dolphin program next. Dolphins flipped in the air, and our teacher, Steve, got soaked! I explored the Inner Harbor, ate fries with friends and danced at the Hard Rock Cafe. After that, we got on the bus and rode home. I loved my adventure with my friends and my mom.

WBS went to Baltimore


Age 10

The West Branch School upstairs students visited the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore. We visited on Nov. 8. There were many exhibits.

One of my favorites was the human body exhibit. You could tell how fast your heart was beating. There also were neat optical illusions and other cool stuff.

I also liked the exhibit about space. They had some fun learning games about the solar system and several meteors. They also had a dinosaur exhibit too. I really liked it because I learned a lot and I don’t get to go there everyday.