Film study

Learning technical skills, along with showing off creativity, the students in Mike Steppe’s television production course at South Williamsport Area High School are keeping the student population informed and entertained.

In the class, students learn to operate the equipment, to edit film and write. Steppe noted that each semester begins with the basics and builds upon them.

Some of the things students must master are asking open-ended questions that allows the individual being interviewed to elaborate on the situation or thought.

Each semester after they have become familiar with the equipment and process, they begin creating episodes of SWTV, a news broadcast about the school and its students.

“The first seven weeks we don’t do a broadcast,” explained Steppe. “(The students) just learn what their job is.”

The show has been a fixture in the school since 2007 when Steppe created the television production course.

Once production begins, students are responsible for creating a segment every two weeks to be broadcast on the show. Students works together to brainstorm ideas and write the scripts, Steppe said.

Dan Baskin, a sophomore member of the class, said he was interested in the creation of television shows.

“I’ve always wanted to know what went into making your own show,” he said.

Sean Wither and Dillon Engel, juniors in the class, have enjoyed their time in the class. Wither said he always has enjoyed video editing, while Engel was interested in animation. The two have combined to create segments for the show that involved animation and live-action.

“I took it because I thought it could be fun,” Engel said.

Both have agreed that the class has been both educational and fun.

“It is definitely interesting,” Wither said.