Work of art

Charles Fazzino was the first person to use pop-up illustrations as an art form, that he dubbed “3-D Pop Art.” And through an opportunity from the First Community Foundation Partnership of Pennsylvania and Little League International, area students will be able to work side-by-side with Fazzino on a project to commemorate Little League’s 75th anniversary.

The art form that Fazzino introduced in the 1980s uses layers of details in order to build up an art piece. Fazzino said the form is “unique,” which makes students curious of it.

“My art work is very light and whimsical,” He said.

During his visit later this month, Fazzino will work with area fifth-grade students to create a pop art mural honoring Little League’s 75 years of youth baseball. But he also will be holding professional development seminars for educators, talks with high school students and other activities. He will be in Williamsport for three days.

Fazzino has done projects before with students, mostly in New York. Some have titled his visit to Williamsport as “Fazzino-palooza,” he said.

“(Students are) so receptive. I’ve done a couple of these projects and I can’t tell you the excitement involved, especially when they’re art classes have been cut. I was one of these kids that didn’t learn well. I learned through art. It’s just a way to get them excited,” Fazzino explained.

The decreased funding of the arts was a big reason for him forming Fazzino Art Education Initiative.

“An event area where we can partner with schools that are having their art programs cut,” he said about the local event.

He added that he also wants students to see that there are other options for careers than the traditional ones.

“I think most parents and teachers think ‘Well, if you’re not good at math, you’re not going to anywhere.’ I think it’s important to know that I was horrible at school,” Fazzino noted.

He said exposure to not only the arts, but to new experiences are important in children’s lives.

“It is possible to be successful as an artist and there are possibilities out there. So to get kids involved in art, especially my art, is exciting and it is motivating. There’s not just math and science,” he said.