Jersey Shore announces VIP award recipients

The Jersey Shore Area High School has announced VIP award recipients for the second nine weeks of the 2013-14 school year.

All teachers were asked to nominate one student who consistently displays the high school’s VIP expected behaviors: Value everything and everyone, Individual responsibility and a Positive attitude. Students receiving awards also received a letter from Reed Mellinger, principal, inviting them to attend one of two lunches in their honor.

Lunches were held on Feb. 6 and 7 in the high school’s restaurant. A meal was prepared by the culinary class at the high school under the direction of chef and instructor Matt Wolford. The meal was hosted by Mellinger and Steven Keen, assistant principal.

Near the end of the lunch the principals presented each student with their individually prepared award from the nominating teacher explaining why they were chosen as a Bulldog VIP.

The following are the award recipients:

Grade 9 – Natasha Boerner, Colten Corter, Luke Engel, Ricky Frankhouser, Adriana Freeman, Morgan High, Rosie Hopkins, AndreaSanford, Allison Schweikert, Olivia Stroble, Sean Thomas, Erica Tirado-Cuebas, SidneyTrunzo and Jordan Willits.

Grade 10 – Amanda Clements, River Haines, Brendan Herlocher, Ryan Marshall, Emily Phillips, Dustin Puckett, Logan Rogers, Amy Shadle, Dalton Sweely and Marcus Wenger.

Grade 11 – Jessica Clark, Rachael Duda, Taylor Folmar, Lindsay Folmar, Mary Janson, Dominic Loffredo, Jacob Maneval, Emily McHenry, Bethany Morton, Clayton Newton, Emily Shaffer, Rachael Smith, Kiann Stover, MarissaTibbens, Nevina Trunzo and Morgan Wynn.

Grade 12 – Shawn Arno, Stephanie Bastion, Breana Dauberman, Cody Eckroth, Lilly Entz, Gage Feigles, KacieGibson, Britney Hanley, Daniel Knight, Hailey Kolasa, Tobi Letterman, Levi Lilley, Sapphire Naugle, Sandra O’Dell, Alec Ream, Kyle Ryan, Cortney Steinbacher, Elijah Teachey, Ben Thomas and Sierra Waybright.