McCall Middle School announces science fair winners

More than 60 seventh and eighth grade students participated in C.E. McCall Middle School’s 16th annual science fair on Feb. 11.

The goal of the event was to emphasize science inquiry and investigative techniques, while encouraging parent and community involvement as well as fun.

Students could select a project in one of three categories – investigations, which use the scientific method to solve a problem; models, which involve the exhibition of a scientific principle or creation with moving parts; or display, in which students research a topic and demonstrate their knowledge of it.

Secondary education students from Lock Haven University and their coordinator, Dr. Mike Cullin judged the student projects on a list of prerequisite criteria.

Winners received awards including Amazon gift cards provided by the McCall Parent-Teacher Organization. Coupons were given out throughout the day courtesy of local businesses.

2014 science fair winners were:


First – Mitchell Young, “Newton’s Cradle.”

Second – Lauren Caviston, “Fossils and Carbon Dating.”

Third – Greg Shoemaker, “Type 1 Diabetes.”


First – Chloe Taylor, “Recording Movement With a Harmonograph.”

Second – Karina Dangle, “The Amazing iBall.”

Third – Annastia Vining, “Rube Goldberg Machine.”


First – Tatyana Kraft, “Rising Up!”

Second – Maddy Reeves, “The Sound of Music.”

Third – Sam Sacavage, “The ‘Real Thing’ Revealed.”