Head Start students celebrate reading

Parents and teachers often wonder how they can get their preschooler interested in reading. Parents can establish good reading habits in the family by setting an example and reading in front of their children.

Other ways to spark a child’s interest are to show them the rewards of reading by visiting or attending a library reading program, to start reading to children at a young age and to allow children to help read as they develop their reading abilities.

Katie Place, a Bradford Tioga Head Start Inc. teacher in the Athens three classroom recently began teaching the 3-, 4- and 5-year-old students in her class about books, authors and illustrators.

She also had local author, Maureen Wright, visit the classroom and read some of her books to the students, like “Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep,” “Sneezy the Snowman Sneeze” and “The Grumpy Groundhog.”

“This is a great community connection for our children and families,” Place said. “It really helps to foster more interest in books and reading.”

After the reading was finished, the children were given time to ask Wright questions about what it takes to write and make a book.

As an extension of this activity, the Athens three children will get to be both author and illustrator when they each make a book of their own.

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