South Williamsport Education Foundation awards grants

On April 15 the South Williamsport Education Foundation awarded $15,000 in grants from earned income tax credit (EITC) donations from area businesses. Recipients of these grants were Manny Tsikitas and Kelley Shearer for an author in residence program targeting elementary and high school students; Betsy Jones for a high school art field trip and LouAnn Zeigler for an elementary gifted field trip.

The Foundation is a permanent community endowment broadened by generous gifts from countless individuals, families and organizations. The foundation’s mission, however, goes even farther than that.

The Foundation helps people find the most effective means for “giving back” to their communities through a wide range of tax-wise charitable giving options that enable people to create their own legacies.

The South Williamsport Area School District Foundation is a component of the First Community Foundation. As such, it is fully eligible, under IRS regulations governing 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations, to receive tax-deductible contributions as provided by law.

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