Students make their own sushi

South Williamsport Area High School world cultures and AP world history classes recently had an opportunity to make their own California roll or inside-out California roll on “Sushi Day” held in March.

Students learned some basic Japanese terms, discussed the environmental concerns of the sustainability of the blue fin tuna, sushi etiquette, nutritional values, and cultural diffusion.

Students really enjoyed the day to experience this cultural event. Even if some students have had sushi before, none have really had a chance to make their own sushi roll. Most were surprised at how easy it was to make and many enjoyed having the opportunity to taste it.

In addition to curriculum funding by South Williamsport High School, the National Consortium for Teaching About Asia (NCTA) provided a generous grant to purchase additional seafoods to enhance the sushi day.

Students pictured are Jordan Keen and Chelsea Rieppel with their finished California rolls and Abby Nevill and Sydney Blosser in the midst of making thiers.