Transfer pacts established with between Penn College and Harrisburg Area Community College

Pennsylvania College of Technology and Harrisburg Area Community College recently entered into articulation agreements allowing graduates of HACC’s graphic design and HVAC programs a smoother transition if they choose to enroll at Penn College continue their education.

Students graduating with an associate degree in graphic design from HACC can transfer the block of technical credits and general education course work into the bachelor-degree graphic design major at Penn College.

HACC students graduating with an associate degree in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning: career associate program can seamlessly enter Penn College’s bachelor-degree program in heating, ventilation and air conditioning design technology.

The two agreements provide students at the community college with a clear roadmap of course work that will transfer, allowing them to plan an efficient pathway to baccalaureate degrees.

“We welcome this addition to our partnership with Harrisburg Area Community College, which provides access for students to continue their professional education in our graphic design program at Penn College,” said Clifford P. Coppersmith, dean of sciences, humanities and visual communications at Penn College.

Brian Flynn, department head for art and design at Penn College, and Marjaneh Talebi, professor of art and director of the graphic design program at Harrisburg Area Community College, established the details of the graphic design agreement.

“We are confident in their preparation, and their graduates seamlessly transfer into our institution,” Flynn said. “By completing a bachelor’s degree, the HACC students expand their individual inventiveness, skill and creativity in our state-of-the-art facilities.”

“We’re certain that HACC’s graphic design students can transfer to Penn College with solid design foundation and technological skills required for success,” Talebi said.

Of the HVAC agreement, Marc E. Bridgens, Penn College’s dean of construction and design technologies, said: “Providing opportunities to meet the demands of today’s workforce is always a challenge. The goal of the articulation agreement is to meet the needs of industry through advanced knowledge and technical skills that will support the ever-changing world of the HVAC industry. This is a great benefit to students, Harrisburg Area Community College, Penn College and the HVAC industry.”

“Because of the need for education in HVAC/R and keeping up with technology, students in this field will now have opportunity to continue their education to a four-year degree from the two-year degree offered at HACC,” said Edward A. Burns, discipline lead: industrial technology and HVAC/R instructor at Harrisburg Area Community College.

The faculty members from Penn College who are involved in the HVAC agreement are co-department heads Richard C. Taylor, associate professor of plumbing and heating, and Stephen D. Manbeck, assistant professor of HVAC technology.