Writer’s Nook, Student Author of the Week

The American Cancer Society recently held a “Pawsome Pal” writing contest to benefit the Bark For Life and Relay For Life of Williamsport events.

The three winners were acknowledged with a trophy, prize basket and a certificate on April 27.

Winners were:

Kindergarten to first grade category

‘The Amazing dog Tanner’


I like my dog Tanner because she is my best friend. She walks me to the bus every day. Tanner sleeps in my room at night and she snores loudly. I love her whenever she rolls in stinky stuff outside. Most of all, when she sings me “Happy Birthday.” She is the best dog ever.

Ertel is in first grade at Central Elementary School, South Williamsport. Her teacher is Mr. Krach.

Second to third grade category



My pet Zoe is “Pawesome” because she is so loveable, sweet and friendly. She loves to play with me and her toys. One thing I need to tell you about Zoe, she loves to kiss and hug you all the time. When we go away, she gets so sad because she wants to go with us. We sometimes take her with us and she loves to ride and get some ice cream. When we get back home, she takes a nap with me.

Hyser, 8, is a student at Stevens Primary School. His teacher is Mrs. Hull.

Fourth to fifth grade category

‘Friendly Fritz’


My dog Fritz is special to me and my family. He is a long coated German shepherd. When we got him, he was the last puppy they had. He was so small no one else wanted him. The place where we got him was not a very clean place. We took him to the vet. He is big now and loves to go on walks. He is gentle when he takes treats and ice cubes from us. He is special to our whole family because we rescued him. He loves us and he was the perfect pick for our family.

Harbach is in fourth grade at St. John Neumann Regional Academy.