Jersey Shore Area Middle School ROCK Star award winners announced

Jersey Shore Area Middle School has announced the recipients of the monthly ROCK Star award for March and April. As part of JSASD’s School Wide Positive Behavior (SWPB) initiative, JSAMS has identified and taught specific behavioral expectations for students while in all areas of the building.

The targeted behaviors all fit within the school’s slogan: “Jersey Shore Area Middle School ROCKs.” ROCK stands for Respect yourself, Organize and plan for success, Care for people and property, and Keep on learning.

Each month, teachers are asked to identify one student who has displayed the Universal Expected Behaviors, or UEBs, during the previous month. Each teacher completes a ROCK Star award certificate explaining exactly why they feel the student they nominated is a JSAMS ROCK Star.

Award winners are announced during daily building-wide announcements and they receive a letter of invitation to attend a special ROCK Star breakfast served by the school’s principal Laura Milarch and middle school assistant principal, Keith Veldhuis.

March’s ROCK Star award winners were invited to a breakfast held in the school library on April 24 and April’s award winners attended the breakfast on May 22.

The food was prepared by Colleen Hawk and JSAMS cafeteria staff. Haley Enders and her life skills students prepared for the breakfast by setting the tables as well as making table centerpieces and other decorations. Award winners were presented their ROCK Star certificates.

March’s award winners were:

Grade 6 – Daryl Andrus, Eric Bellm, Dylan Berguson, Lauren Creveling, Max Ferguson, Emilianna George, Serena Gunn, McKayla Johnson-Tome, Sean Koch, Brooklyn Kuajam, Cade Palmatier, Sean Steinbacher, Austin Wertz.

Grade 7 – Sanaa Cannady, Emily Carr, Brianna Karstetter, Skyelar Kimble, Joey Marsh, Coby Neece, Destiny Overdorf, Makayla Potter, Alyssa Sawyer, Blaze Vanemon.

Grade 8 – Brandon Barker, Chase Carpenter, Tyler Rae Laub, Madelyn Laubscher, Dominic Maneval, Rylee Martzell, Alex Melvin, Dylan Mundrick, Kalee Rizzo, Kayla Smith, Wayne Spotts, Audrey Wacker, Tyler Walk, Adalynn Worden.

April’s award winners were:

Grade 6 – Valentino Anderson, Audrie Brown, Tiffany Burkey, Aaron Harer, Jonah Hartman, Sophie Lauer, Allison Moore, Anthony Shaffer, James Spotts and Lauren Summerson.

Grade 7 – Jacob Farr, Madison Delaney, Skye Hamm, Megan Hill, Hannah Kauffman, Caleb Leone, Noah Livermore, Desiree Long, Kaylee Munro, Ashley Nichols, Allison Panczyszyn, Madiline Shaffer, Celesta Shemory, Keith Walker and Kristopher Zinck.

Grade 8 – Autumn Bilbay, Lissa Delbo, Kendall Hanley, Brandon Hoffman, Devany Jones, Heidi Koch, Samantha Mitchley, Jessica Sanso, Theron Sorgen and Melanie Steinbacher.