Williamsport Area High School seniors win $200 Challenge Program awards

Williamsport Area High School seniors won the Challenge Program awards on May 19.

Thanks to FTS International and the Challenge Program, each student was awarded $200 for excellence in the following award categories:

Academic Improvement: Katherine Beamer

Academic Excellence: Marissa Crane

STEM: Collin Shableski

Community Service: Cortney Tempesco

CTE-STEM: Russell Michaud

Attendance Award: Samantha Fischer

The program was sponsored and led by FTS International, locally located on Wahoo Drive, and kicked off on Sept. 27.

The Challenge Program Inc., is a “win-win endeavor that provides a chance of rewards to all students regardless of economic status or academic abilities,” according to the program’s website.

The mission of the Challenge Program is to “partner with businesses to motivate high school students to excel both in and out of the classroom. “

“This partnership creates good habits in students and provides businesses with tangible results for their investments,” its website states.