Williamsport Marching Millionaires equipment trailer campaign reaches $2,860

The Williamsport Band Parents Association have reached $2,860 in their campaign to buy a new equipment trailer for the Williamsport Area High School Marching Millionaires. The campaign began on May 1.

The campaign incorporates local sponsorship opportunities and the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook and utilize in creating a globally connected site for tracking the amount of money raised.

This campaign is being held in conjunction with the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation’s Return to Glory capital campaign, an effort that will improve the outdoor facilities at the high school for band, sports and community activities.

The customized equipment trailer will be 32 feet long and have enough room to carry the entire collection of instruments, uniforms and various pieces of equipment used by the marching band when they travel to performances, parades and competitions around the region.

“This trailer is something we have actually needed for a very long time,” said Todd Kendall, music director. “The band parent association has been paying to rent a truck for our road trips and with a dedicated trailer it will create a long term cost savings for the organization. Additionally, having our logo proudly displayed on that trailer will be a great thing for the kids to see at every completion and parade where we play.”

“The Marching Millionaires have a long standing tradition of excellence and it takes a lot of behind-the-scenes effort to bring it all to the field. This trailer is more than just a means of moving all of our gear but to also be used as a fantastic display of our support for the kids and the community,” Chris Patchin, president of the Williamsport Band Parent Association said.

“The term ‘crowd funding’ is something that has become commonplace over the past couple of years,” said campaign coordinator, John Shableski. “But that’s usually associated with technology start-ups or even film projects. The Band Parent Association wanted to create something that can help us reach out to Marching Millionaire alumni, Williamsport natives and friends across the globe. With the use of social media … we have a greater opportunity to invite support in ways that go beyond the standard fundraising options.

“The Indiegogo(.com) program also allows us a wide range of options for sponsors and support. If someone can only afford to donate a few dollars, it’s a very simple transaction. If someone wants to donate $100, $500 or $1,000 we have some great high-visibility sponsorship options that include a NASCAR-style decal placement on the trailer. We also have a downloadable donation form on the Marching Millionaires page for folks who wish to use a hard copy form,” Shableski said.

For more information, visit http://www.wasd. org/site/Default.aspx? PageID=714.