A student’s story

It’s the middle of summer and you’re sitting on your couch wishing you were doing something. Suddenly your phone vibrates and wakes you from your daydreams. You reach over and check the screen. Seeing that it’s one of your friends, you hurriedly check the message. Your friends want to know if you were invited to the huge party that everyone is going to this weekend. You type in your reply and hit send, watching reluctantly as the phone works to deliver your answer: no.

Throughout the summer, many teens have a constant fear of losing their friends. Social media and cellphones have made it easier to contact others, but sometimes texts and tweets just don’t cut it. Especially for those who don’t live anywhere near the rest of their peers, it’s easy to be left out of the loop.

Some people underestimate the importance of friends. They are your lifelines. Of course family is extremely important, but some things need help from a friend. Like having a terrible hair day at school, or studying for a test the period before you have to take it. That is what your friends are for. Your friends will help you tame your wild hair and they’ll study notes the whole period with you. Even on those days where you feel like slapping the first person who breathes wrong, your friends will be there to hold you back.

So when someone feels they are in danger of losing one of those lifelines, it’s no laughing matter. Often the case is there are two close friends and one begins to hang out with a different person. Jealousy is a dangerous thing and if it gets out of hand it can be destructive, not only for the person who is jealous, but also for who they are jealous of.

Over the summer, teens should keep in contact with their friends, and I do not mean through Facebook or cellphones. Make plans ahead of time. Go for a hike, have a pool party or just hang out together. Any time that you spend with your friends will help fortify your bond and strength your trust. Because when you’re a kid, what else do you have besides your friends?