Area students receive School Counts! certificates

MILTON – More than 2,000 area students have now received School Counts! certificates from the Central PA Chamber of Commerce and the Central PA Business & Education Association.

“What this means is that a great number of young men and women have proven they have the basic attributes any employer can appreciate,” said Jeff Shaffer, communication and education manager. “These skills include: the ability to work hard and get good grades, be punctual and treat others with respect.

“Students from our member schools voluntarily sign up for the School Counts! program and are holding themselves and their peers accountable.”

Shaffer currently presents the program to the high school students at Meadowbrook Christian School and in the Milton Area and Warrior Run school districts.

At the end of the school year, officials from the school let the Chamber know if each of the individual students have met the criteria for the award. A student can earn the School Counts! award each year of high school. If they manage to earn the award each of the four years, they will earn a Master Certificate.

“That’s an incredible feat and should say a lot to future employers and schools,” Shaffer said. “Four consecutive years of this kind of accountability speaks volumes and shows they truly have mastered these basic but important skills.

“These skills translate very well into the workforce.”

This year, 420 students from the three aforementioned schools earned a certificate – the second highest total for one school year since records were first kept in 2008.

Eleven students from Warrior Run High School and one additional student from Meadowbrook Christian earned a Master Certificate this year.

The 11 Defenders were: Laura Bastian, Jamiee Cotner, Chloe Eisenhuth, James Hamm, Lindsey Hartman, Morgan Hoover, Jimmie Howard, Shelby Kerstetter, Hunter Raup, Evan Simpler and Sarah Vermilya. The MCS representative was Adrienne Yordy.

Chamber members and all area businesses/organizations are strongly encouraged to recognize the School Counts! award as a way to gauge work ethic.

“A way to do this would include signing up as a School Counts! employer and receiving a window cling to let applicants know your business is serious about the importance of a strong work ethic,” Shaffer said. “Another way is to add a School Counts! check box on your applications for employment.”

All School Counts! employers are also encouraged to join Shaffer when he presents School Counts! to the students, as a way to reinforce the importance of the program.

For more information on School Counts!, contact Jeff Shaffer at 570-742-7341 or jshaffer@central