Students visit Sunbury Community Hospital to explore career options

Sunbury Community Hospital & Outpatient Center recently hosted a group of high school students affiliated with a career exploratory program through the Sunbury CareerLink recently as they discovered the many career options in the medical field.

The group of students, who showed an interest in pursuing a career in medicine, spent the day at the hospital. They toured the hospital and its surrounding campus, and heard from a group of medical professionals.

Participants learned about the various jobs in the medical field through speakers from the Quality Department, Emergency Department, Case Management Department, Laboratory Services, Behavioral Health Unit, Volunteer Services and Radiology Department. They also had the opportunity to meet with ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Jennifer Rager.

Students learned not only about the job duties of each presenter’s career but why they chose their field and what training was needed to pursue this career.

“This was a wonderful opportunity for our skilled staff to share their experiences and knowledge with the next generation of care givers,” said Joseph Stender, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the hospital. “Sunbury Community Hospital is pleased to have been a part of this educational experience for this group of students who are making important decisions on their next step in life.”