Diesel instructor honored with Caterpillar ‘Pathfinder’ Award

An instructor in Pennsylvania College of Technology’s diesel equipment technology program has been honored with Caterpillar Inc.’s annual Pathfinder to Excellence faculty award.

Mark E. Sones, who teaches in the School of Transportation and Natural Resources Technologies, received the award during a recent advisory meeting of Caterpillar officials and dealers.

“I’m pleased that Mark received this recognition. It acknowledges that what he does on a daily basis makes a difference in the lives of his students,” said Mary A. Sullivan, executive director of the Schneebeli Earth Science Center and assistant dean of transportation and natural resources technologies. “This is a great way for him to receive the ‘Thank you’ he deserves.”

Presented for more than a decade based on student input, the award recognizes an outstanding faculty member who “has developed effective teaching techniques, enhanced learning materials, demonstrated a keen sensitivity to student needs and maintained high academic standards.” Sones received a commemorative plaque and a cash award, made possible by contributions from the Caterpillar Dealer Excellence Fund.

“I have attended Penn College for three years, and I have had numerous teachers and classes, but I have enjoyed Mr. Sones’ classes the most,” a student nominator wrote. “His teaching techniques work well for me, and his personal experiences have taught me a lot as a technician and as a person.”