Geosciences students and faculty awarded Mansfield Presidential Coin for Excellence

MANSFIELD – Fran Hendricks, Mansfield University president, awarded the Mansfield University Presidential Coin for Excellence to Jonathan Bagg and Wesley Glowitz, geosciences students and Andy Shears and Lee Stocks, assistant professors, in March.

The four were cited for their groundbreaking work in 3-D mapping. They are the first current students and faculty to receive the honor since its inception.

The coins were presented after a presentation on 3-D mapping technology at the Mansfield Council of Trustees meeting.

Four members of the council and president Hendricks also toured the geosciences lab to see the 3-D printer in action.

Bagg, a senior from Corning, New York, and Glowitz, a junior from Drexel Hill, have collaborated with Shears and Stocks on several projects using a 3-D printer, bought through a grant from the Tioga County Commissioners, that has garnered attention internationally in the mapping and geosciences fields.

The coin was developed by Hendricks and designed by Andy Worthington, MU publications director. It is awarded selectively to persons who have contributed greatly to the university, using the Mansfield creed – character, scholarship, culture and service as a guideline.

The coin bears several symbols representing historical highlights and other aspects of the university that make it distinctive.

For more information on the Mansfield University Presidential Coin for Excellence, visit president.mans lence.

To learn more about the Department of Geosciences at Mansfield, visit geoggeol.mans