Web marketing grants awarded

BLaST Intermediate Unit 17’s eQUIP Academy Services has awarded Web marketing grants to three local school districts to support their eLearning programs. Danville Area School District, Loyalsock Township School District and Milton Area School District each will receive a $3,000 grant, which will provide them with Web marketing services for a period of three months.

The Web marketing services are designed to promote the school’s local eLearning program through Google Web search. When a student or parent in those communities searches for select keywords related to online learning, the school’s program will appear in the search results. The services are intended to advertise the availability of eLearning opportunities at the local school district as an alternative to cyber charter or other private, online learning programs.

“When parents begin to search for alternative cyber programs, they start with Google. If the Lancer Learning Institute is a key search result, parents will have access to all information pertaining to our program during the decision-making process,” said Eric Gee, director of technology and manager of the Lancer Learning Institute at Loyalsock Township School District.

“This marketing allows us to have a better opportunity to reach our students and parents in their homes and on their smart phones, where the search begins,” said Jennifer Gurski, principal of the Danville Area School District e-Learning Academy.

Brian Ulmer, director of secondary education at Milton Area School District and head of the Milton Cyber School, believes that the grant “not only benefits (the school district) as a marketing tool; it also benefits the students by directing them toward a high-quality program.”

Students who attend an eLearning program through their home district are able to attend school events like homecoming and prom, participate in sports and clubs and earn a local diploma while benefitting from the flexibility and opportunities offered by online learning.

The grants are being provided through BLaST Intermediate Unit 17’s eQUIP Academy Services and BLaST’s partnership with Lin Digital, ABC27 WHTM.

For more information, visit www.equiplearning .iu17.org.