A student’s story

Hughesville students

inspired by Marino’s visit


Special to the Sun-Gazette

Thompson is an 11th grade student at Hughesville High School. Her column is published on the second and last Mondays of each month in the Education section. She can be reached at education@­ sungazette.com.

Earlier this month, as referenced in my Oct. 10 column, the students at Hughesville High School received a visit from U.S. Rep Tom Marino, R-Cogan Station. The Republican United States Representative for Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district dropped by to talk to eligible upperclassmen about the importance of registering to vote in the upcoming elections.

This visit from the Congressman inspired several of the students and teachers at Hughesville to carry on his mission of motivating students who were of age to vote. The staff and students started a voting registration drive.

The drive started the day after Congressman Marino’s presentation and lasted for one week, ending on the last day for voter registration. The registration drive was run by the AP Government and Politics class. Not only did this event encourage younger voters to register, but it also provided an inside look on the process of voting for the AP Government class. This event conveniently coincided with their lessons on polls and surveys and the students were able to reinforce these teachings by helping others register to vote.

These students volunteered their time, electing to eat their food in the library and help out with the registration drive rather than go have lunch with their peers. When asked why they made this sacrifice for something they aren’t even old enough to participate in, several responded with the sense of community above self. “It’s important for students to be aware of what’s going on in the world around them,” said senior Chase Dudek. “They need to know that their voice can have an impact in government,” replied Amber Hicks, another senior.

This voting registration drive held by the AP Government class created a nearly 30% increase in registration for eligible voters, showing that this class truly cares about representation within their community for the upcoming election.