Art students paint the town

Students in National Art Honor Society and AP Art recently participated in two community painting projects. Abby DeBlois, Anna Ziegler, Chanler Gribbons, Aliana Shableski and Marty Weaver participated in a project at Divine Providence Hospital, where Susquehanna Health System recently opened a new bone and joint facility. Student athletes from local schools requiring care in sports medicine will be seen in the new facility.

The facility faces a retention wall, and an employee from the Bone and Joint Institute suggested a beautification project involving the local schools that would be using the facility.

Six local schools – four districts and the two colleges – sent representatives to paint the schools’ logos on the retention wall. The students had to work around the rain, but were able to finish their logo Oct 4.

Last week, students began a project in which they partnered with North Central Sight Services. In this two-phase project, students will visit NCSS and then host events at the high school. In the first phase of the project, students attended NCSS to paint and make pizza with the visually impaired. During their visit, the high school students wore blindfolds while painting and making pizza to simulate what living with visual impairment is like. Next, NCSS will bring several individuals to the high school to paint during the BANK period.

“We will add textures to different colors of paint, let the individuals get to know what texture is associated with which color and then help them fingerpaint with the paints we made,” said Anna Lovell, student.

After both projects are completed, Cloud 9 Restaurant will host a dedication where the finished paintings will be displayed.