More choices for BANK

Students have several more choices for getting involved during BANK this year. BANK is an activity period when students eat lunch for 30 minutes and then go to clubs or activities, meet with teachers or work on homework.

The physical education department at Williamsport Area High School is running an intermural program.

“We scheduled four four-week activities for the first semester and plan on taking student interest and requests into consideration for the second semester,” said Mr. Eaton.

The program started with basketball and then moved into badminton. Next, the students will play volleyball and finish the semester in the fitness center.

“Interest is spreading,” Eaton said. “We started with five kids on our first day of basketball and ended the session with over 25 kids coming twice a week to play (basketball.)”

Down the hall in the library, students can attend a creative writing workshop offered through the James V. Brown Library.

“It’s about expression through writing,” said Kendra Billman from the Brown Library. “The students get out of it what they put into it.

“I have been writing creatively since seventh grade,” said Liz Mendez, a sophomore who has attended the workshop. “Some of my friends introduced me to Wattpad, where I can read what other people write and post my own writing. I’m hoping to get some new ideas or projects from this workshop at school.”